5 Indian Superfoods You Must Eat ft. @Abhi and Niyu
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Thanks bro
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Sir, we need part 2
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Pls make a video about cancer and treatments in ayurvedha.. bro..
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Tell him not to use hand sanitizer now
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Garlic is bad? you trippin
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Super video
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R u single?..
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bhai hindi m he explain kiya kro plz . smj m aati hi English but feel hi hindi m. plz bhai🙏
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When two propagandists meet
Ansh saluja
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Suggest a bread-making company, I am also living in Punjab??!
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a video on food with good bacteria
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Good...information 🤩👍👍
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Is this true?
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My name - Ankit Height- 169cm (5ft6in) Goal - 175 cm Age - 14 years 6 months "I give information every week" Week 1- Week 2 - Week 3- Week 4- (thanks)(:
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Ankit ff
Ankit ff 5 घंटे पहले
My name - Ankit Height- 169cm (5ft6in) Goal - 175 cm Age - 14 years 6 months "I give information every week" Week 1- Week 2 - Week 3- Week 4- (thanks)(:
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Superb review bro!! Almond oil I have tried earlier it's amazing but costly
Ankit ff
Ankit ff 5 घंटे पहले
My name - Ankit Height- 169cm (5ft6in) Goal - 175 cm Age - 14 years 6 months "I give information every week" Week 1- Week 2 - Week 3- Week 4- (thanks)(:
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Excellent information, Bhai skin allergy,diabetes,arthritis pr bhi information de k kon si ayurvadic dwa le ,reply soon pl
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i am subscriber with 2 email 2 device
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2:41 1a.m. sir🙌
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Hope this can remove my saridon addiction and abuse for the last thirty five years. Can you tell some thing for Wyselone too.
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No fap controlled done .what if night fall happen.
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Fantastic video🖖
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Please make a vedio on homemade aelo Vera juice and when to consume it
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Video at 1.25x awesome.
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Bhai jackfruit to rah gaya
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Are u from Hyderabad😃
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I was looking for the same video and found it in no time
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Please make video on how to kill virus it is urgent please please please please please please please please please please please please please made on this topic
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Plz also suggest how to sleep faster within 10 min
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Use hindi sali...
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I have a question , I was going to a gym , but recently stopped due to the rising covid cases , are these exercises enough for slimming the belly to the point that there's no flab ? Like in 6 months duration , obviously keeping the diet in check ?
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Wht about the wow onion oil bruh?
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Please dont watch this video before sleeping, else you will get so many thoughts 😂😁
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Smart duck🦆😎
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Bhai marks to lage lete
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Leave these topics to DOCTORS. Many of ur blind random followers might lose their lives.
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Great plan but........ How do you prepare lunch/snack in the middle of the day when you are working??!
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2:36 Those who have played Plants Vs Zombies knows what plant emoji this is and what it does. Irony part is kaala chana does the same. 🤣🤣
Our Bharath Our Ayurveda 🙏🙏🙏
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Loved it
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Vivek please tell me about curd sone good one.. which brand is good
Naman Kumar
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Bro, I am about to take soem chick peas in morning , pre workout then horlicks protein plus with water post workout and in breakfast 1whole egg and 3 white eggs with upma in breakfast , salad cereals,roti sabji in lunch,poha in evening and roti sabji in night and later on milk, I am between fit-fat and am kind of heavy ,.....is this not excess protein ..will this much protein harm me???
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Just Superb. Great job. Keep on sharing knowledge.
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Dear Vivek u don’t smile .. I love to watch ur all videos and I really follow them blindly... but plz smile ❤️❤️
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I am 70%satvik,0%rajasik,30%thamasik. and my name is sathwik
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Please make a video about itching and psoriasis. Please I'm tired of taking 3 pills daily for years. If I stop for 3 days itching comes back. I.have consulted 4 different doctors over few years now.
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Can we eat sprouts in summer??????
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Intro was op 🤣🤣
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Ah shit my track got removed. Day 1✅ Day 2✅
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Coriander take one hour to clean
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Hii I'm from Telangana ur Telugu is super and so cute words
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please make second video
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My alarm sound is a WW2 german air raid siren . I get up daily at 5:30
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just browsing youtube before buying a water purifier and found your video....worth it man
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Can we use it on our hands
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1:26 bhai r u from Vizag?? We r Vizag people ❤️
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Fun fact: if we listen to everything he says, we'd run out of savings 😂. PS: I genuinely appreciate the efforts he takes for making these videos.
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Bro we r always with u. Aap bharat ko vishwaguru banaoge. Mujhe vishwas he
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तुमको hindi नहीं आती wait
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Girls ke liye
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25% satvik 35% tamasik 40% rajasik GOOD ENOUGH OR NOT?
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Well analyzed
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Axiom best products review bro