Mortal Kombat 11 - Klassic MK Movie Skin Pack Reveal Trailer | PS5, PS4

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Look familiar? The Klassic MK Movie Skin pack with voices and likenesses from the og stars is available for separate purchase today! #MKUltimate
Rated Mature: Blood and Gore, Intense Violence, Strong Language

ĆABÂ %%%
ĆABÂ %%% 15 दिन पहले
Dominic Trujillo
Dominic Trujillo 20 दिन पहले
😃 Awesome!
Christon Huffmaster
Christon Huffmaster 24 दिन पहले
I’m confused 🤷🏼‍♂️ I just bought MK 11 Ultimate but this skin pack isn’t included?
brian her
brian her महीने पहले
Where all the other Character at, I know it not just 3 of them in that movies..
Jovan Torres
Jovan Torres महीने पहले
Well Johnny doesn't have gloves and glasses in the movie but its cool, just left Liu Kang, that men have a strong image for the shaolin
Prince Teclis
Prince Teclis महीने पहले
There's a rumour Liu and Kitana will be next.
William B.J. Blaskowicz.
William B.J. Blaskowicz. महीने पहले
Joseph Fortune
Joseph Fortune महीने पहले
Do those skins come in multiple colors as well??
Downward Spiral
Downward Spiral महीने पहले
Abdulrhman Saleem
Abdulrhman Saleem महीने पहले
Amazing, I hope they keep the klassic mortal kombat them music always in the next new parts mk 12 Ed boon you are the best 🙌
Arnur James
Arnur James महीने पहले
I thinked that the eearthrealm raiden is - Shujinko the canon person in mortal kombat
Downward Spiral
Downward Spiral महीने पहले
It’s based off the movie
Randomeris1 महीने पहले
Now this is Sonya
Morteza Zamany
Morteza Zamany महीने पहले
Sonya looks really bad i dont like it but raiden and johnny looks perfect
All Things Everything
All Things Everything महीने पहले
I wanna see a movie skin for jax! He was my favorite in annihilation. Loved the scene when he rips his metal arm off and knocks montaro out.
All Things Everything
All Things Everything महीने पहले
They should make all the characters skins from the movies that would bring some nostalgia and i might buy the game for it!
Joshua महीने पहले
When are they going to have Chuck Norris as a guest character?
Wesley Bevels
Wesley Bevels महीने पहले
AWESOME! YES I can't wait to get the Klassic MK Movie Skin Pack and I will played as Raiden (voiced by Christopher Lambert)
Oni Chan
Oni Chan महीने पहले
They will be rich after this
Freddoe The Legend
Freddoe The Legend महीने पहले
Take my money please. Thank you!
Junior Bastos
Junior Bastos महीने पहले
Robin Shou would be a dream come true in this game.
UndercoverMartyn महीने पहले
I purchased the skin pack and none of them are showing up in-game. Anybody else have this issue?
Milos Petrovic
Milos Petrovic महीने पहले
Raidens Voice.. come on fix it or replace it!
Evil Flying Chicken Nugget
Evil Flying Chicken Nugget महीने पहले
Trying to see Syndel thoo.. 😏
Jec Kek
Jec Kek महीने पहले
Im guessing we get the diversity pack sold to us separately next Black History month with a condescending tweet that tells us to "do better"? Pink haired HR Manager at NetherRealm: I didnt know how attractive these people were in 1995. Deceptions, Uglify!
Downward Spiral
Downward Spiral महीने पहले
Wait what?
Dauren Sarsenov
Dauren Sarsenov महीने पहले
One huge downside is music, it is blank, otherwise a great game.
Tommy Nguyễn
Tommy Nguyễn महीने पहले
And what happened to Liu Kang portrayed by Robin Shou ? Or Jax ? Kitana ? Kano ? Etc? What a marketing movement, to aim at nostalgia and then offer only 3 characters from the whole movie for 6€ ? 🤣
Downward Spiral
Downward Spiral महीने पहले
There’s a possible chance they’ll release skins for other characters in the future, not sure about Kano though
Jan Žižka
Jan Žižka महीने पहले
Brian Thompson as The Best Shao Kahn could avenge his death in Terminator :D
arrownoir महीने पहले
They look nothing like the originals.
Vishnu Sanjay
Vishnu Sanjay महीने पहले
Imagine having a classic scorpion skin, and you get the old voice actor again! That will be cool.
scuppo महीने पहले
Here’s Johnny
КССР Mapper [СДРНГ] महीने पहले
Chromastone64 महीने पहले
Might as well have called this the "Sonya Fix" pack.
RasuL McCooL
RasuL McCooL महीने पहले
Точно не лицо Сони
Nakatomi Uk
Nakatomi Uk महीने पहले
Should of made it MK Ultimate as just add old characters and new skins with voices I'll still wait for the ultimate ultimate edition to come out
Cyberdemon Mike
Cyberdemon Mike महीने पहले
Since my game is dubbed makes no sense to buy it for me lol
Ronny Corleone
Ronny Corleone महीने पहले
More more moore
lala lala
lala lala महीने पहले
no robin shou as luikang.. ed moon plz make dlc?
MegaLhasa महीने पहले
No Liu Kang?
Remedy Remedy
Remedy Remedy महीने पहले
This would be a perfect opportunity to put in the reptile movie skin but as his entrance,have him emerge from the statue carcass thing and throw in that klassic music for him the whole fight!would be epic!!!...
Slayy _Expert
Slayy _Expert महीने पहले
Mortal Kombaaaaaat!!!!!!! I love this game and always will
Tony Maes
Tony Maes महीने पहले
Christophe Lambert skin super cool 💪👍😂
Challah Bread
Challah Bread महीने पहले
Christopher Lambert?! Ok, I'm in and a Raiden main.
Awadson महीने पहले
Now that’s the Johnny Cage I’ve been waiting for since 1995!! Although his shirt was green not blue!!!
Panca Yoga Purnama
Panca Yoga Purnama महीने पहले
I wish mad dog (the raid), wolverine and jason bourne is next dlc character.
stevey man
stevey man महीने पहले
That looks nothing like sonya from the movie
Jesus Rivera
Jesus Rivera महीने पहले
The reason I needed to finally get this game!!
the big E
the big E महीने पहले
Bruh how does xbox have 14k view when playstation have 174k this is unfair
Rufus महीने पहले
Draco Beats
Draco Beats महीने पहले
Eric Bernsten
Eric Bernsten महीने पहले
Ok next can we have a classic skin for rain pls
Raisen-kun महीने पहले
the only left is Robin Shou as Lui Khan and it will be perfect.
chuckricoper महीने पहले
This is pretty dope
Skelter महीने पहले
haha Raidens voice 🤣
Insomniac King
Insomniac King महीने पहले
They been on point with the skins and character design
gomitax92 महीने पहले
MAAAN poor liu kang
Eddy M
Eddy M महीने पहले
SevenDeMagnus महीने पहले
Yes, Sonya from the real live action movie:-)
FrenchyToasty महीने पहले
"Hen! Hen! Hen!" Christophe Lambert
The Horror Nerd
The Horror Nerd महीने पहले
These are friggin awesome!!!! I just dont play any of those characters otherwise I'd definately buy
Papersgubben महीने पहले
No license to play the original soundtrack of the movie?
resfan000 महीने पहले
Where is my boy ROBIN SHOU
Ghost of Sparta
Ghost of Sparta महीने पहले
I remember that raiden
Kusanagikaiser999 महीने पहले
This, beyond KOOL.
Maldon 365
Maldon 365 महीने पहले
I hope they give Shang Tsung his movie Skin
Rizky Arifin
Rizky Arifin महीने पहले
"Go Back to the 90s."
Dwight Flippo
Dwight Flippo महीने पहले
I love them! Can you guys do Liu Kang, Kitana, and Scorpion next? Please pretty please!
Joker महीने पहले
Missing Robin Shou as Liu Kang
Lethal Lyrical Liger
Lethal Lyrical Liger महीने पहले
Downward Spiral
Downward Spiral महीने पहले
@Lethal Lyrical Liger you can only get those arms in a timed krypt event
Lethal Lyrical Liger
Lethal Lyrical Liger महीने पहले
@Downward Spiral Yes I am that's what I met💯
Downward Spiral
Downward Spiral महीने पहले
Are talking about the klassic arms?
Betty Book
Betty Book महीने पहले
Need Liu Kang's
Kung Lao
Kung Lao महीने पहले
The perfect game doesn't exi....
Brandon Henderson
Brandon Henderson महीने पहले
This is awesome frfr
Xander-sama महीने पहले
Anyone having problems getting these skins?
Zhnigo महीने पहले
no shao kahn from total annihilation? :^)
Toby Reaper
Toby Reaper महीने पहले
Sonya Looks Nothing Like The Actress
mattrutland महीने पहले
This is very cool, and along with Cary Takagawa playing shang Tsung, love to see MK has come full circle! Just need Trevor Goddard to do Kano now, and that would be perfect. "Hello Baby......Did you miss me??"
Prince Teclis
Prince Teclis महीने पहले
Trevor passed away...
poison ivy
poison ivy महीने पहले
i want Talisa Soto for Kitana she s gorgeous!!!!
Jønathan Chavarría
Jønathan Chavarría महीने पहले
millions of skins and never end... thks Ed BOOOMMM!!
Heroic Enemy
Heroic Enemy महीने पहले
they gotta do all of them
stranger59 महीने पहले
But can we get movie Sindel?
H. S Kazmi
H. S Kazmi महीने पहले
man this game is touching heavens cuz it have all the fav movies characters like robocop, rambo nd my personal fav arnold. 🔥🔥🔥❤️
Victor Reis
Victor Reis महीने पहले
At least this Sonya is not fugly
JFKTV महीने पहले
Soooooo is this included for free with Ultimate? Or do I need to spend more money...
Charles Black
Charles Black महीने पहले
Need a MK1 ending fight skin & map pack of Liu Kang vs Shang Tsung. With movie OST song playing throughout the fight.
NikoFist Gaming
NikoFist Gaming महीने पहले
Please give me a break Sonya blade: ok ✊💀
140694 1994
140694 1994 महीने पहले
Raiden: hahahaha... Sorry
Baba Semka
Baba Semka महीने पहले
Wait, what? Never knew that Christian Bale was playing Johnny Cage in that movie... Odd
Baba Semka
Baba Semka महीने पहले
@Downward Spiral 😂
Downward Spiral
Downward Spiral महीने पहले
That’s not Christian bale
galenj01 महीने पहले
I wish they made sub zero and scorp in their movie costumes. Also included reptile too
Patrick Tuohy
Patrick Tuohy महीने पहले
Wait, they got the actors to do it and they still look like that.
bboykiddblack महीने पहले
Juan José Rivas García
Juan José Rivas García महीने पहले
They should add the KITANA actress too, cause hotness :)
David Toscano
David Toscano महीने पहले
Was excited than I seen that that they don't have Robin shou the actor liu kang from my childhood like How do they not put the original liu kang in this that is super disappointing mk 😒
SuperArppis महीने पहले
Haha this is amazing.
Bee-Zee Soul
Bee-Zee Soul महीने पहले
I actually can’t believe I’m saying this, but Bridgett’s delivery is worse.
Tyrese Pitts
Tyrese Pitts महीने पहले
This looks spectacular and having the actors reprise their roles netherealm you take my breath away
David Agudelo
David Agudelo महीने पहले
Evangelista Antonio parrilla
Evangelista Antonio parrilla महीने पहले
Liu kang 🤔😢
Marvelhero24 महीने पहले
Brigette Wilson will forever be Sonya in my eyes.
Earllon Granada
Earllon Granada महीने पहले
Netherrealm really firing on all cylinders, pulling out all the stops with this game, and I don’t seem to see any slowing down.
Lettuce meme
Lettuce meme महीने पहले
iVE sTudiEd aLL yoUя м0veZ
Bernard महीने पहले
Can't Kano just get a break
Branden Walker
Branden Walker महीने पहले
Don't forget about Liu Kang
Toxic Death
Toxic Death महीने पहले
They are milking TF out of this game could of just gave it to everyone for free but no have to pay again for a skin pack straight retarded
Samurai Jack
Samurai Jack महीने पहले
All modern fighting games charge for costumes.
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