#Ash400 - A thank you message to all supporters

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Thank you. I am truly humbled by all the wonderful wishes coming in.

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Subs updated!
vijay patel
vijay patel महीने पहले
Can you know Hindi then say in Hindi because my English weak
ram kumar
ram kumar महीने पहले
Neenga ennoda comentukku reply pannanumnu kooda avasiyam illa. Atleast ennoda commenta padipeenga illa adhuve enakku podhum. I will be Happy Ashwin Anna!!!
ram kumar
ram kumar महीने पहले
Cuppu Mukiyam Bigilu!!! Hello Ashwin Anna!!! Ennoda peru Ramkumar Test cricket World Cup pa India dhaan win pannum apdinu naan 100 percent believe pandran. Adha dhaan naan 'Cuppu mukiyam Bigilu' apdinu represent panni irukkan. Neenga wickets edutthadha vida neenga adicha Centurya paathu dhaan naan romba Santhoshapattan. England batsmanukku ipdi dhaan paa chepauk pitchla batting aadanumnu aadiye kaamichitteenga. Aanaa irundhaalum idhu patthaadhu. World Cup layum unga forma continue pannuveengannu naan ungala vida ungala adhigamaa believe pandran. Neenga ennaikume oru all rounder dhaan. Battinglayum neenga nalla perform pannanumnu, I will pray to god!!! Thank you for your one man show in Chepauk By ur die hard fan Ramkumar
Shaik mohamed ghouse
Shaik mohamed ghouse महीने पहले
Contest in MLA elections with dmk ticket from.chennai
Congratulations Ashwin sir 😍💯🥳
Suresh Seetharaman
Suresh Seetharaman 18 दिन पहले
We have Thala Ajith, Thala Dhoni, but move aside, here comes Thala Ashwin!!
Suresh Seetharaman
Suresh Seetharaman 18 दिन पहले
You are the best. We had some legends in the past, but in today's world, you have earned the name of a legend.
The Diet of Common Sense
The Diet of Common Sense 22 दिन पहले
Hello, how are you? A good video, thanks for sharing. Have an awesome week!
YT_Racer 25 दिन पहले
Ashwin I am a big fan of yours. U hav all the potential to reach 600 wickets in next 1 year in test cricket 🏏. Keep it up dude ☺️. I hav seen u take your 400th wicket which is jofra archer in tv.
Yashvanth Vijaya
Yashvanth Vijaya 29 दिन पहले
How are you
Yashvanth Vijaya
Yashvanth Vijaya 29 दिन पहले
Hi sir
Varadarajan Kannan
Varadarajan Kannan महीने पहले
For India to lift the WC T20, RCB style of captaincy wont work. Personal biasses must be cast aside and a hard look must be taken right from team selection to game plan. We must learn from success of MSD and failure of Kohli as T20 captains. First Kohli must cut the mumbo-jumbo of intent, intensity and such other vacuous adjectives to cover up for the failure as a captain. We need to perform consistently and play well for 40 overs.Period. For this to happen, we must have a team that rides on technique and talent and not rely unduly on sloggers and chosen "favorites". If a team loses 7/8 wickets, it has lost 7/8 balls and scoring opportunities. Chew on that. That is a harsh reality. The par score is 180 in todays competitive cricket and effective bowling units that can successfully defend with penetrative attack and guile. Teams are expected to score at least a boundary every over to hit this mark. So the fooling around with openers must be stopped forthwith. Rohit must open with Ishan who must be backed ahead of Rahul who is woefully out of confidence as he seems to get repeatedly bowled. Now is not the time to infuse confidence and induct him. It is for KL to figure it out and force his way back in as and when he is mentally ready. Virat must come in at one drop. Pant can be a floater depending on wickets at hand and promoted two drop only if the team is off to a sound start. Else get Sreyas Iyer in by all means in that slot as an automatic choice. Have Pandya and Jadeja to follow next. Ashwin must be in the squad to prise open crucial wickets followed by Bhuvi , Bumrah and Natarajan with Washington Sundar as twelfth man. Chahal has to be eased out as he is too one dimensional and a sheer luxury for T20 as both fielding and batting are obvious weaknesses and bowling is not exactly "killer stuff" with a pitiable economy and strike rate. Pant must concentrate on DRS responsibility as well. Pandya must improve on stroke making however and cant rely only on slogs. Shreyas Iyer must handle hot bouncers with placement and shot selection without having to move around. A bad habit that even Rohit has developed thanks to the new mumbo-jumbo of playing "hard". If there is a gameplan, these can be avoided. Field placement - Third man fine leg, long on and long off and extra cover on the fence are inevitable defences. We saw Kohli allowing Jason Roy to reverse sweep with a vacant third man and taking no corrective action to block or trap ? Square leg is for bad bowling. A sweeper can cover both fine leg and square leg at 45, provided our bowlers bowl in the right areas with pace and bounce. Besides, If line and a yorker length are maintained, the ball is unlikely to go square on the on side. Not sure if the team is adequately practicing facing pace at 150 clicks. Nets must not be to just feed on players ego and they must be made to face similar deliveries that were difficult for run making or when they were getting defeated in matches. Once the basics are in place, then one can talk about intent,intensity and such other verbiage. Till then, we will have our usual hits and misses and sneak in favorite passengers in the squad. Ravi has a huge responsibility to ensure that the team focusses on the process of winning and not relying on celeb status on the field. England look very assured and professional and we as patriotic fans need to see this air of assurance and it starts with the captain. Time for Kohli to lead by example on this. He has ticked the box as a batsman. He must tick several other boxes such as running between wickets, judging on DRS calls and field placement and batting order and ringing in bowling changes. Chahal cant do an Ash in bowling in the power play which he must have realized a bit late. Hope the players take this in the right spirit and nudge the team management towards a winning cause selflessly.
ANAHIRA JAIN महीने पहले
ash you are my favoutie bowler
vijay patel
vijay patel महीने पहले
Please Hindi me bolo please
Selva gaming YT
Selva gaming YT महीने पहले
Nice games play 400 Wicked good Play 👍👍👍👍 TEST PLAY EUKA
Anmol Saini
Anmol Saini महीने पहले
Congratulations Ashwin sir. Outside cricket too you are such a good leader and communicator. Feels so good that we have a player and person like you. ❤️
Washington Sundar
Washington Sundar महीने पहले
Kal hi join my chainal Washington sundar
Prabir Metya
Prabir Metya महीने पहले
Please talk in Hindi language or English language so I can easily understood
Rachel महीने पहले
avaneesh kumar
avaneesh kumar महीने पहले
Bharat banega Hindu Rashatra
Bharat banega Hindu Rashatra महीने पहले
Sir Hind me bolo we don't understand Tamil🙏🙏
KANNAN B महीने पहले
Ash, keep rocking & set ur next milestone as 500 & go for it❤️
S R महीने पहले
Very modest and wishing you to get more and more wickets in the coming test matches
Shekhar Meenkeri
Shekhar Meenkeri महीने पहले
Congrats Ash 🙏
Mayur Kashyap
Mayur Kashyap महीने पहले
Very well explained anna. I have got to learn a lot from you.
Dishant B
Dishant B महीने पहले
Cricket fans from all over India applauded you sir. But the thank you video goes only in Tamil.
Sadik Ahmed Laskar
Sadik Ahmed Laskar महीने पहले
Please make videos in Hindi or English because must of we don't know Tamil
Maahir Gupta
Maahir Gupta महीने पहले
Congratulations to the greatest of all time
Padmanaban Nagarajan
Padmanaban Nagarajan महीने पहले
Pitch pathi solla varigala
HRP Productions
HRP Productions महीने पहले
Bro naanum SSN dhaan
Mayur Kashyap
Mayur Kashyap महीने पहले
Ashwin anna, my best wishes for you to come up in your life . You will definitely come up in your life. Please convey my regards to manni
Kavish D
Kavish D महीने पहले
Eagerly waiting for Washington Sundar to come on show. Please consider doing an episode with him!! 🥳
Smart Guy Pravin
Smart Guy Pravin महीने पहले
I love you anna love you so much super
Romy Romani
Romy Romani महीने पहले
I can see the makings of the next Navjot Singh Sidhu.
nive thi than raj 45 Raj
nive thi than raj 45 Raj महीने पहले
How to bowl like you anna please video update please
Rajan Palani
Rajan Palani महीने पहले
Excellent thinking and Thanks for sharing
Shaik mohamed ghouse
Shaik mohamed ghouse महीने पहले
Be a opening batsman in future congrats for 400 wickets
ekta singh
ekta singh महीने पहले
Thanks for the subtitles. Please keep making videos and dont listen to haters
unknown Number
unknown Number महीने पहले
Ashwin please do it English
Prafull Mishra 12A
Prafull Mishra 12A महीने पहले
I don't know Tamil aur whatever you are saying But you are my idela
Srinivas Chettiar
Srinivas Chettiar महीने पहले
Very nice series to see, class played with bat and ball both finally you got the Man of the series 👌👌👌👌👌👌👌
Arun Prasath Manoharan
Arun Prasath Manoharan महीने पहले
What a mature and powerful lesson....such good insight
Monish Kanna
Monish Kanna महीने पहले
We want to see you with full beard in upcoming ipl. We never seen you with full beard
Sanjana महीने पहले
Congrats record breaker Anna for ur 400 wickets in test cricket
Venkat Ratnam
Venkat Ratnam महीने पहले
Why do you pause before delivering the ball? That’s not fair. Check the bowling actions of the spin greats S. Venkataraghavan, Prasanna, Bedi, Dilip Doshi et al. It gives you unfair advantage in deciding what type of delivery to bowl at the point of delivery.
Manju Nath
Manju Nath महीने पहले
Hi Ashwin,Good work .Wat ever may be v expect you to break Anil kumble 10 wicket record.That will make our country as well as our state proude.
Francis P B
Francis P B महीने पहले
Tamilar Illam CH
Tamilar Illam CH महीने पहले
Rushil Chatterjee
Rushil Chatterjee महीने पहले
Professor of Cricket !!!!
Kumar Kumar
Kumar Kumar महीने पहले
India on fast 🔥
Dhamodharan Natarajan
Dhamodharan Natarajan महीने पहले
Actually I recollect the famous book by Dr.Robert Schuller "Tough Times never last.But Tough people do"while you speak.👍👍💐
Mr. Ashwin, I request you to make an interview with "the doyen of Madras Cricket Club), a living legend of 91 years old, a stylish batsman, besides a right arm off-break bowler. He played his first test against England, in 1952 at Madras Chepauk ground, India's first ever victory against England. The other day I watched his interview with Jai Galagali.
Mr. Ashwin, I request you to make an interview with "the doyen of Madras Cricket Club), a living legend of 91 years old, a stylish batsman, besides a right arm off-break bowler. He played his first test against England, in 1952 at Madras Chepauk ground, India's first ever victory against England. The other day I watched his interview with Jai Galagali.
சிறிய தகவல்கள்
சிறிய தகவல்கள் महीने पहले
Taminda ashvin mendum mendum neerupethar
seriozha !
seriozha ! महीने पहले
That ball doesn't look pink from any Angle. It looks orange.
பறவைகள் சரணாலயம்
பறவைகள் சரணாலயம் महीने पहले
Valthukal aswin sir
Lingeswaran M
Lingeswaran M महीने पहले
Enga pa andha 7:30 episode
Santim Kankaria
Santim Kankaria महीने पहले
Congrats Ashwin Anna. I would suggest you do more videos in English and/or Hindi as you have millions of non-tamil speaking fans too. And we too want to hear what you say..
Ashish Yadav
Ashish Yadav महीने पहले
Hindi me bole
MY AVIATION महीने पहले
Ashish Yadav
Ashish Yadav महीने पहले
Hindi me bole
Ashish Yadav
Ashish Yadav महीने पहले
Hindi me bole
Cricket Gyan OP
Cricket Gyan OP महीने पहले
Ashwin- The Genius 😎 inposts.info/start/fImEZ2aex4Cmktk/v-iy
Arunkumar S
Arunkumar S महीने पहले
Long way to go!! Great Job Ashwin..
Sridharan V
Sridharan V महीने पहले
Ashwin your question to British correspondent during interview was what is the norm of a ideal test pitch. My answer is simple and straightforward a pitch that should not give a part timer like Joe Root a fifer this also take the Sheen away from Axar and your bowling.Indian team management boorishly alluded that pitch is not a factor for them for winning and this team is capable of winning in any condition and the coach refrain always is to hell with pitch. What an irony
Deepa Deepa
Deepa Deepa महीने पहले
Super bro how to go cricket for India csk many age 11
Asathal TV
Asathal TV महीने पहले
Vettai Thorattum Sigaraththai Aadaiyattum... Vazhthukkal Sago...
Balasubramanian Sethuraman
Balasubramanian Sethuraman महीने पहले
Ashwin why you are so wrong !!!! Dear Ashwin, I watched your press conference and your riposte to one of journalist !!! It was so wrong ....it is because nobody sitting in a single hotel room defined a good pitch .....because that was an idea evolved over a period of time ( from era of uncovered pitches.. Remember Jim laker... ) to include all facets of cricket... ( fast , swing bowling , spin and good batting. Also generally if it seams it spins.. Remember MCG recently?) To say that it is marketed is a gross overstatement and dont do justice to general cricket fraternity. Ahmedabad pitch was so bad that fast bowling / reverse swing was out of game so early... Though you have not complained about pitch in the past , you have pointed it out as a reason for your ineffective ness. Certainly, in Jo'burg test where South Africa almost chased down 400... Last of all, chennai pitch of 1999 series Ind vs Pak was one example of good cricket wicket.. Though not necessarily in your order of assistance, it certainly did assist pace, swing , spin & very good batting...so much so we remember the wasim akram ball to dravid than saqlain mushtaq 10 wickets.... By being defensive to fair criticism and ultra aggressive against the messenger ..think calmly and show some respect to your predecessors...not everything is motivated by bias... Please dont put color glass on Indian public... I want to enjoy Ishanth sharma's , shami's achievement in their home as much as I enjoy Ashwin.. Please dont put Indian fast bowlers out of the game in home soil.... Besides...Virat kohli is the best fast bowler's Indian captain.... Nobody even comes close
WOLF gameing
WOLF gameing महीने पहले
Moeen ali sir is sad bro sold to our chennai team because they will asked valimi update moeen ali sir 😭😭😭
MADHUMITHA M महीने पहले
Abhijeet Paturkar
Abhijeet Paturkar महीने पहले
Do you mind bowling little easy to English so that match lasts beyond 3 days and we dont have pitch debate ?
SAMEE RAMA महीने पहले
Ashwin, loved this video and ur inputs. Ummm... So truely said brother and u r a proud son to your parents 🙏
Devanand Reddy
Devanand Reddy महीने पहले
Namma payyan. Vote here www.icc-cricket.com/awards/player-of-the-month/mens-player-of-the-month
unevenestfall महीने पहले
Congrats legend!
Paul Dasan
Paul Dasan महीने पहले
Mr.aswin, this is very very usefull
That Cricket Podcast!!
That Cricket Podcast!! महीने पहले
When we're there in England n fail to play swing we've never EVER blamed the pitch as an excuse... ENGLAND are finding an excuse for playing Spin bad by criticizing the pitch which is very disappointing 😞😒 They just can't admit that except Root no one can play u n axar!
saurabh prakhar
saurabh prakhar महीने पहले
whoever is giving you advice like don't make videos are stupid. please, keep doing it. We enjoy & love hearing you.
saurabh prakhar
saurabh prakhar महीने पहले
I'm late but congratulations. You make all of us proud.
Samsudeen A
Samsudeen A महीने पहले
You will take your 500th wicket in chennai chepak anna...advance wishes
Foram Parikh
Foram Parikh महीने पहले
It's a great achievement and wish you create more and more records. But here I would say tamil, telugu and malayalam are languages neither can learn easily nor understand easily
Gyan aryan
Gyan aryan महीने पहले
Ash Anna congrats 🎉🎉🎉
I am the one!
I am the one! महीने पहले
I am the one!
I am the one! महीने पहले
Abhay Gaikwad
Abhay Gaikwad महीने पहले
Proud of You
Indrajeet Kamat
Indrajeet Kamat महीने पहले
Ashwin anna - best wishes for 400+ test wickets. Wishing you great health, fitness, form and closer to 150 tests with 800+ test wickets!!!
Muthu Lakshmi
Muthu Lakshmi महीने पहले
Bro yunga WhatsApp number kudunga please bro 😭😭
Muthu Lakshmi
Muthu Lakshmi महीने पहले
Bro வாழ்த்துக்கள் for 400 wickets
Arun Prakash
Arun Prakash महीने पहले
Vera level thala nee... Solra madhiri cricket scientist mattum illa life scientist um than👏👏👏
Sp studio intracks
Sp studio intracks महीने पहले
The VIP ARMY YT महीने पहले
Muje ye language samajh me to kuch nahi aya lakin maja bohut aya sunne me
Karal Marks
Karal Marks महीने पहले
Nice Anna! Initially puriyala Anna , When video ends , I was Like Wow What a thought..! Fully Understand Anna.. Loved it! 😍
Keshav's tech
Keshav's tech महीने पहले
Malar महीने पहले
Ramanan T
Ramanan T महीने पहले
Anna, they are not repaying the amount for the ticket purchased. Please request GCA to consider public request
Akhil Asokan
Akhil Asokan महीने पहले
We want you in limited overs too #verralevelASH
GeeDee Rajesh
GeeDee Rajesh महीने पहले
Unfortunately, today is the time where we are living with so called reputation management firms. Very interesting and beautiful subject opened up. Please do more of this type.
GeeDee Rajesh
GeeDee Rajesh महीने पहले
Beautifully dissected and explained in a simple form, plus ilai maraivu kaayaga yaraiyum kayappaduthamal pagirndhatharku nanri.
ALFRED 03 महीने पहले
Congratulations anna 💐💐💐.....more wickets to anna💐💐💐💐........
A V Rajagopal Vedamurthi
A V Rajagopal Vedamurthi महीने पहले
Congrats Ashvin you are the best Keep getting more wickets also centuries All the best Ashvin
Puthaga Ulagam
Puthaga Ulagam महीने पहले
Good thought process❤️❤️
Tube or Not Tube
Tube or Not Tube महीने पहले
Congratulations Ashwin. I am curious the way you speak I hear a few english words popup as every 3rd or 5th word. Is this a new tamil - english dialect in south india ?
Lakshmi Kanthan
Lakshmi Kanthan महीने पहले
Tamilnadu politics explained in your tweets! 😁 Fantastic Ash!
Neenga INposts chaneel aramichathu crt than bro enathan neenga Mony and relax kaga INposts chanel use panalum matchla field kulla enna nadanthuchunu neenaga soldarthu intresting ah iruku enatha full match pathalum players to player conversation kekum pothu rompa intresting ah iruku antha tymela neenga enna yosichinganu theriurathu fully thirpthiya iruku
Saurabh Mankar
Saurabh Mankar महीने पहले
An excellent message throughout the video. Hope to see you soon in a TED Talk👌🏽🙌🏾
Bro neenga soldratha esy ah soldren i am not hater of dhoni aswin dhoni ku kila than nalla aduvarunu oru kuttam kathitu irunthuchu athathan soldringa neenga aorm 2 peru semmaya ind teamla performance panni irupanga ana athuku karanam dhoni nu solli avnga credits thirudiruvanga dhoni fans ithu mari idea va fans thinikuranga ithathan neenga soldringa as iam right crt ah 😂 enaku ithan purunjuthu neenga sonathu la irunthu
Ranjith Ruban
Ranjith Ruban महीने पहले
400 பத்தல Roundoff பன்னுங்க
Vichu महीने पहले
13:02 For the guys who came to see orange ball . After seeing it in Kavin memes time
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