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supriya Nukala
supriya Nukala महीने पहले
Lasya akka is best contestent of the house and she is the half season winner
wnp gamer MANI
wnp gamer MANI महीने पहले
Ariyana poti raadh miku . Bayataki vachar enti ame Ravali kaani
Eppi Mallikarjuna
Eppi Mallikarjuna महीने पहले
Lasya garu meru jivan charu
ghh qsd
ghh qsd महीने पहले
Forbes magazine published an article titled, “China Killing Prisoners To Harvest Organs For Transplant: BMC Report Accuses China Of ‘Falsifying’ Data” by Zak Doffman, on November 16, 2019. The article states that China's claim of using a voluntary donation system for its billion-dollar organ transplant industry had been refuted by a report published in BMC Medical Ethics. Researchers found that the Chinese government falsified and manipulated official organ transplant datasets. The article states, “In June, I reported on the China Tribunal in London, which found evidence of 'forced organ harvesting' from Chinese prisoners, including Falun Gong and Uighur Muslims. The Tribunal’s final judgment concluded that this 'forced organ harvesting has been committed for years...on a significant scale.' China has said that the practice has been outlawed, replaced with a system of voluntary donations. But a new report, published on November 14 in the BMC Medical Ethics journal, has refuted this, alleging that those claims of reform are being supported by the 'systematic falsification and manipulation of official organ transplant datasets in China. “The China Tribunal used first-hand testimony from former detainees and implausible transplant availability and short waiting times to shape its findings. The witness reports were horrific-including organ extractions on live victims, subsequently killed by the procedures. A 2015 documentary claimed China’s illegal organ transplant industry is worth $1 billion each year-but China insists that forced extractions have stopped, that its efforts to reform date back to 2010, with a system of voluntary donations replacing forced organ harvesting from prisoners. “Not so, says the BMC article, claiming that China is 'artificially manufacturing organ transplant donation data.' The report says its findings mean that any trust in China’s organ harvesting system 'has been violated,' that the reforms were 'a mask for the continued use of non-voluntary donors or donors who are coerced into giving organs.' In short, the allegation is that the new system of voluntary donations operates alongside and not instead of forced extractions. The giveaway, according to the report, is patterns in the state’s data which are too neat to be genuine-they must be falsified. “Sources behind the forensic data analysis deployed by the report’s authors included the China Organ Transplant Response System (COTRS) and the Red Cross Society of China. Data found mathematical patterns that defy expected statistical anomalies. In others words, the official China reports emanate from a PR spreadsheet and not from any kind of genuine on the ground analysis and genuine data. “Susie Hughes from the International Coalition to End Transplant Abuse in China (ETAC), which initiated the China Tribunal, welcomed the findings, warning that the report 'exposes the lies and deception that mark China’s so-called transplant 'reforms.' The falsification of the China Organ Transplant Response System (COTRS) data appears to be part of an elaborate cover-up that disguises the state-run mass murder of innocent people for their organs in China.'...” Zak Doffman is the Founder/CEO of Digital Barriers-a company providing advanced surveillance tech to the defense, national security, counter-terrorism and critical infrastructure sectors.
Honey Pandu
Honey Pandu महीने पहले
Barre pallu vesukoni elaa navvuthundiraa babu chi,chiii
Gurka Sandhya
Gurka Sandhya महीने पहले
vani Creations
vani Creations महीने पहले
Boy: will you marry me ? Girl: do you have a house ? Boy: No, but ? Girl: do you have a BMW car ? Boy : No, but ? Girl : how much is your salary ? Boy : no salary, but ? Girl : you have Nothing, how can I marry you, just leave me, please. Girl leaves Now Boy talking to himself : I have one villa, 3 plots, 1 ferrari, 2 porsche, 1 Lamborghini, why I still need to buy a cheap BMW, and how can I get salary when actually I am the boss. MORAL : Don't judge anyone without knowing the whole thing, be a listener . If you enjoyed the story plz do “ SUBSCRIBE ” to my channel, I have to reach 5k . And I m sure u will love my content. have a nice day.
Jayasree Jayasree
Jayasree Jayasree महीने पहले
Vote for ariyana glory
kumar yalapalli
kumar yalapalli महीने पहले
GANGAVVA BIOGRAPHY, Untold story gangavva, Life style of gangavva, Do watch, Watch in == VINOD STORY's youtube channel
Dinesh Chakravarthy
Dinesh Chakravarthy महीने पहले
buzz ending lo making of bigg boss 4 buzz behind the scenes video okati release cheyandi bb4 ntha views unnayo buzz ki kuda almost ade range lo unnai views its a successful buzz show ever 😍 star maa music channel lo best program and higest trp rated 5.6 in last 15 years rahul ntv interview lo cheppadu
Venkatesh Bushi
Venkatesh Bushi महीने पहले
Full episode upload chyndi please
lavanya setty
lavanya setty महीने पहले
Waiting for the lasya akka interrview...Upload full episode... As soon as fast.
Lavanuru Saileela
Lavanuru Saileela महीने पहले
Full episode
Rangoli designs
Rangoli designs महीने पहले
Please upload full episode fairly please this my request
suma Reddy
suma Reddy महीने पहले
Upload this episode as soon as possible we are eagerly waiting for this interview,,,
Daily Routine
Daily Routine महीने पहले
Cunning smile
adeti soumya
adeti soumya महीने पहले
Lasya full interview you tube lo ravatledu
Hui Li
Hui Li महीने पहले
) The Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs and International Development of the Canadian Parliament passed Bill S-240 on February 27, 2019 after a two-day hearing. It will go for its final reading in the House of Commons and the Senate before becoming law. The bill, which originated in the Senate, includes two aspects of law. One amends the Criminal Code to make it illegal for Canadians to obtain organs abroad without the consent of the donor. The other amends the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act to provide that people involved in forced organ harvesting anywhere in the world are inadmissible to Canada. Hearing of the Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs and International Development of the Canadian Parliament. Bill Targets China's State-Sponsored, Industrial-Scale Organ Trafficking Conservative MP Garnett Genuis, who introduced the bill, said during the hearing on February 26, “[The bill] seeks to respond to the situation in China where they’re taking vital organs from living and often awake political prisoners, and is a state policy. “It also responds to situations where organs are taken through coercion and exploitation beyond the reach of even well-meaning local authorities.” Conservative MP Garnett Genuis In the first debate on November 20, 2018, MP Genuis cited the findings of two Canadians, David Matas and David Kilgour, who found through painstaking research that between 60,000 and 100,000 human organs were transplanted every year in Chinese hospitals and there was almost no voluntary donation system. Most organs come from prisoners of conscience, mainly Falun Gong practitioners. Liberal MP Borys Wrzesnewskyj (middle) Liberal MP Borys Wrzesnewskyj, who introduced a similar bill eleven years ago, said that forced organ harvesting is “the darkest of evils of our current times.” He said to the committee, “It hasn’t been since World War II that we have seen human atrocities on an industrial scale perpetrated by a state - a government - China.” Stopping Another Holocaust MP Genuis’s grandmother, a survivor of the Nazi Holocaust, said that she avoided being arrested, taken to and tortured in concentration camps because of the protection and assistance of her community. MP Genuis said he hopes the bill passes in this Parliament “so that we can look our children in the eyes and tell them that we didn’t just talk about the issue, but actually stopped atrocities from being committed.” Wrzesnewskyj said that Bill S-240 is rare in that it has support from all parties and both chambers of Parliament, making it “a demonstration of the legislature, and legislators doing their work, and more importantly, vital work.” He specifically mentioned at the press conference on November 20, 2018, that most of the victims of forced organ harvesting came from vulnerable groups, such as prisoners of conscience, and that the Falun Gong group is the most persecuted. Citing the short timeline before the next federal election coming up in October, NDP MP Tracey Ramsey said the New Democrats hope for swift passage of the bill. Should the bill not pass, it will be scrapped, and proponents would have to start anew after the election. She said, “We strongly oppose the trafficking and the abhorrent treatment of those who are manipulated and abused and exploited for their organs globally.” Liberal MP Anita Vandenbeld thanked Genuis and other members for their work at the hearing. She said that she was 100% supportive of the bill and that illegal organ trafficking is one of the most savage and inhuman crimes in the world. In opposing organ harvesting, she said, Canada should become a global model. She also highlighted the urgency of passing the legislation.
majapahit sumatra
majapahit sumatra महीने पहले
timestope witness code: neelu2002 pi referral code: Neelothpal2002
Nawab Pundit
Nawab Pundit महीने पहले
ee karrioudi interview ventene youtube pettandi...why you dont release till 4 days?
vamsi kagitha
vamsi kagitha महीने पहले
Please subscribe for latest promos and updates
yashu reddy
yashu reddy महीने पहले
Nuv navaku🥶
Moms Dishes
Moms Dishes महीने पहले
How many of you want Abhi to win? If yes vote ariyana, avinash is having eviction free pass, and MEKA OUT
Dasari Nikitha
Dasari Nikitha महीने पहले
When the full eposide will come ???
Gurunadha Rao
Gurunadha Rao महीने पहले
Plz full episode pattadi
priyanka p
priyanka p महीने पहले
Where is Noel??
Preetham Nikhil
Preetham Nikhil महीने पहले
Please.. release full episode interview
Gowdelli Swathi
Gowdelli Swathi महीने पहले
I am fan of pasta and junnu
Venky महीने पहले
Pora puka
Devaki siddela
Devaki siddela 2 महीने पहले
Lasya ki vote vesina prathi okkaru like cheyyandi
jyothi m
jyothi m 2 महीने पहले
Lasyaaa super dressing
Bhaskarmanku Bhaskar manku
Bhaskarmanku Bhaskar manku 2 महीने पहले
Lasya akka iam big fan of u nenu vots mottam meeke vesa aina sare meeru vacharu we are missing u akka really bb4
sandy Sun
sandy Sun 2 महीने पहले
She proved her smile is omnipresent in all situations...even after elimination 😁
Shiva kadarishiva75
Shiva kadarishiva75 2 महीने पहले
Super andaru ado oka saku cheparu
Bhagya Yadav
Bhagya Yadav 2 महीने पहले
Cutie pie junnu gadiki oka like 👍 kottandi
queen happy
queen happy 2 महीने पहले
Rahul stop ur over acting
amrutha amrutha
amrutha amrutha 2 महीने पहले
Upload full interview
sandeep Bonagiri
sandeep Bonagiri 2 महीने पहले
Where is the full video ?
Pravalika Prava
Pravalika Prava 2 महीने पहले
Upload full episode
Naveen Chinna
Naveen Chinna 2 महीने पहले
Buzzz lo full entertainment echidhi Lasyaaaa akka
Dinesh Chakravarthy
Dinesh Chakravarthy 2 महीने पहले
waiting for full interview
Harish Narmetta
Harish Narmetta 2 महीने पहले
Lasya akka We loves so much & we miss you ..And who ever sees this comment their parents live long hit like if yes ...:)
Ramesh kumar
Ramesh kumar 2 महीने पहले
Most cunning smile...
lavanya setty
lavanya setty 2 महीने पहले
Trending1 and trending 2 lasya akka...congrats akka... Miss u so much akka
SVS MEMES 2 महीने पहले
Lasya akka ni miss ayya vallu yevarina vunnara
SVS MEMES 2 महीने पहले
@lavanya setty i am also
lavanya setty
lavanya setty 2 महीने पहले
full episode upload cheyandi plsssssssss
anji sirivati
anji sirivati 2 महीने पहले
Plz post full episode
Hema latha
Hema latha 2 महीने पहले
Put full interview
PreethiNigam Madham
PreethiNigam Madham 2 महीने पहले
Lassya akka we miss in BB4
lovely LAVANYA
lovely LAVANYA 2 महीने पहले
Waiting for the full episode
Gnanasri Kurra
Gnanasri Kurra 2 महीने पहले
Appudu release avutadi full episode bro fast ga release chayandi we want to see our lasya akka
SATEESH BANDARU 2 महीने पहले
most entertaining promo and lasya should be the host for bigg boss buzz season 5
erothu sravani
erothu sravani 2 महीने पहले
After 2 days. Still it is in Trending 1 🔥.. That is the power of Lasya akka
Harika Matha
Harika Matha 2 महीने पहले
Lasya Akka lekapothe Bb chudalem plz re antry Lasya Akka plzz
Venkat Nikhil
Venkat Nikhil 2 महीने पहले
Wednesday today still not uploaded
Pawan kalyan fans
Pawan kalyan fans 2 महीने पहले
Please vote for Akhil 🙏
Parasuram Rajesh
Parasuram Rajesh 2 महीने पहले
Cute smile akka!
Varsha Bhosekar
Varsha Bhosekar 2 महीने पहले
Next want to see Harika in this interview
isukapati Gnanchand
isukapati Gnanchand 2 महीने पहले
dfg hu
dfg hu 2 महीने पहले
During the American Transplant Congress (ATC) 2019 annual conference from June 1 to June 5 in Boston, Falun Gong practitioners held activities outside the John B. Hynes Veterans Memorial Convention Center, Boston Public Library, and the Massachusetts State House, exposing the Chinese Communist Party's (CCP) crime of harvesting organs from living Falun Gong practitioners. Their efforts to end the atrocity received great support from medical professionals, government officials, and the general public. A Falun Gong practitioner talks to a government official about the CCP's persecution, including the forced organ harvesting atrocities. Practitioners held signs, display boards and banners, distributed introductory fliers to passersby, and talked with people about the CCP's persecution of Falun Gong (also known as Falun Dafa). They exposed the atrocity of forced organ harvesting from living practitioners. People were shocked and angered by the CCP's appalling crimes. They sincerely thanked practitioners for spreading the information and expressed their support for practitioners' efforts to expose and bring an end to the persecution. Practitioners also collected signatures calling for the state government to ban organ tourism and the technical training of Chinese doctors in organ transplant surgeries. Their petition received great support from Massachusetts residents. According to the coordinator for the activities, their efforts sent a strong message: The United States can't stop at the level of discussion, but should take action to enact laws. The activities received particularly supportive responses from medical professionals this year. When the same conference was held in Boston three years ago, many doctors didn't know that the CCP had targeted Falun Gong practitioners as organ sources. Some were even doubtful and maintained a “let's wait and see” attitude. However, this year many doctors took informational fliers and took pictures of the practitioners' banners. Some said they would like to help spread the information. Many said that they would send the information to President Trump, asking him to take action. When Chinese doctors passed the display, Falun Gong practitioners took the opportunity to tell them that the CCP would fall and warned them not to participate in the persecution. Many Chinese who happened to be in the area also witnessed the practitioners' activities. Practitioners told them how the CCP had created a moral crisis in China, which could make anyone a victim. A number of Chinese took this opportunity to quit the Chinese Communist Party and its affiliated youth organizations.
Moroccan In Finland مغربي في فنلندا
Moroccan In Finland مغربي في فنلندا 2 महीने पहले
Really so Great
Prakash Reddy Annem
Prakash Reddy Annem 2 महीने पहले
For the first time Rahul doing as anchor management episode
AVS 2 महीने पहले
vikram guggilla
vikram guggilla 2 महीने पहले
Rahul chichaa plzz lenth ekuvina parledhu full video petande
GOVINDH RAJ 2 महीने पहले
🔯🔱🔯 శ్రీ ఓం శక్తి దివ్య అనుగ్రహంతో జ్యోతిష్యం చెప్పబడును గురూజీ: గోవింద్ రాజ్ సెల్: 9182054432. ప్రేమ, పెళ్లి, విద్యా,వ్యాపారం, లక్ష్మి శాంతి, ఆరోగ్య సమస్యలు,కుటుంబ సమస్యలు, మనశ్శాంతి, భార్య భర్తల మధ్య గొడవలు, శ్రీ వశీకరణ, పురుష వశీకరణ, ఎన్ని సంబంధాలు వచ్చినా పెళ్లి కుదరకపోవడం , సంతాన సమస్యలు, నాగదోషం , నరదిష్టి, ప్రయోగ నివారణ, ఎటువంటి సమస్యకైనా పరిష్కారం లభిస్తుంది నమ్మకంతో కాల్ చేయండి ఆయురారోగ్యాలతో వర్ధిల్లండి.🔯🇮🇳🔱
md rafi
md rafi 2 महीने पहले
Comedy promo ever
lovely LAVANYA
lovely LAVANYA 2 महीने पहले
Miss u so much akka... Waiting for this full episode in youtube ...
Village Boy's
Village Boy's 2 महीने पहले
West idhi dhini mokam kuda chuda buddi avatam ledhu...ariyanaku annadhi inka nuvvu strong kadhu ani dhi dulatircharu prajalu😃😃😃
VENKAT M 2 महीने पहले
Abhi winner 🔥🔥
indian traveller
indian traveller 2 महीने पहले
Abhijeet is going to winner for sure. Coz u guys know what I'm trying to tell
vineeth kumar
vineeth kumar 2 महीने पहले
kuruva kavitha
kuruva kavitha 2 महीने पहले
Anti full episode pettara🤔
Divya creations
Divya creations 2 महीने पहले
Okasari ma videos ni check cheyandi....mik ma videos nachithe subscribe cheyandi ...tq
nikhitha suryavamshi
nikhitha suryavamshi 2 महीने पहले
Manchi panindhi lasya poi lekapothe ariayanani antundha competition kadhani okkarnni ala anadaniki neku budhi ledhu
Hari Krishna
Hari Krishna 2 महीने पहले
Ee promo nenu 30 times chusa super
Sumathi Siva
Sumathi Siva 2 महीने पहले
No 1 trending 🥳🥳 sprrr lasya Akka ♥️♥️🥰
gopi chand
gopi chand 2 महीने पहले
1st time chusa buzz lo that is lasya
gopi chand
gopi chand 2 महीने पहले
Miss u r smile
ganesh chitturi
ganesh chitturi 2 महीने पहले
Aa poster enti anna 🤣🤣🤣
Dikshitha Reddy
Dikshitha Reddy 2 महीने पहले
Lasya's Smile is So genuine. Akka meru super superasya superobhyaha: 🤗🙏❤️
D Pethuru
D Pethuru 2 महीने पहले
మై ఓటు అ రి య న
Kavitha Kavitha
Kavitha Kavitha 2 महीने पहले
Eerojullo bb choosevallu unaara 🙄🤔🥴🥵🥶🤒🤕🤮
Neeraja Khandesh
Neeraja Khandesh 2 महीने पहले
Abhijeet is the winner of the big boss 4
Neeraja Khandesh
Neeraja Khandesh 2 महीने पहले
Abhijeet is the winner of the big boss 4
Neeraja Khandesh
Neeraja Khandesh 2 महीने पहले
Abhijeet is the winner of this big boss 4
Neeraja Khandesh
Neeraja Khandesh 2 महीने पहले
Abhijeet is the winner of big boss 4
Nightmare Voice TV
Nightmare Voice TV 2 महीने पहले
Achor ekkada punch luu padutai Rahul garu
Neeraja Khandesh
Neeraja Khandesh 2 महीने पहले
Abhijeet is the winner of this game
Ramesh Mudgonda
Ramesh Mudgonda 2 महीने पहले
Stopped watching bigg Boss
dual gamer
dual gamer 2 महीने पहले
Is he eliminated
Rishanth Teja Reddy
Rishanth Teja Reddy 2 महीने पहले
This song in which movie
P. C. R. royal reddy channel
P. C. R. royal reddy channel 2 महीने पहले
NEXT Who Will with rahul Avinash- Like MONAL- coment
Ganesh bogi
Ganesh bogi 2 महीने पहले
Mee batch ki meru baga chepparu
Naveen Patnala
Naveen Patnala 2 महीने पहले
Garikina Siva
Garikina Siva 2 महीने पहले
Lasya re entre ledha big boos chudamu
Malisetty Mahalakshmi
Malisetty Mahalakshmi 2 महीने पहले
Full episode
Aruna Kumari Pedapati
Aruna Kumari Pedapati 2 महीने पहले
After so much time I am seeing a entertaining BB4 Buzz interview with fun
Chandana Chandu
Chandana Chandu 2 महीने पहले
This is the best interview.. and happy interview with lasya❤️❤️
Manju M
Manju M 2 महीने पहले
Upload full video please
Tech Trick
Tech Trick 2 महीने पहले
This is the best promo comparing to other buzz promo
Agust D '대취타' MV
Big Hit Labels
दृश्य 82M